Ribosome array (Cyborg brain version 0.1)

I do believe it is possible to create a three dimensional ribosomal, mitochondrial, and RNA array matrix system that can absorb electrical energy from the process of sensation to induce a chemical reaction which is instantiated by a diffusion of chemical catalyst of two types which establish the path engaged as repressive or inductive of response. The use of a photorhodpsin would allow the interface to absorb information and a chemical trigger which is the same chemical signal of the process itself could cause a catalytic electrical response or phospho-electric signal.

The process would operate at a higher complexity per unit volume than a cellular brain and would still incorporate all the aspects that allow a neural array to learn and control.

By creating the matrix from cell free extract, it would not require any great manufacturing framework. The lack of initial investment makes the process possible to be implemented in any small lab without using any unusual chemicals or materials that do not exist naturally in any common biological system.

If the process is established and published and it can be implemented by any competent individual, it allows a computer to be manufactured as a standard which can communicate within a complex information system which is concept based and natural.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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