Ribosome array (Cyborg brain version 0.1) analysis

It seems obvious that any system of logic could be incorporated in this circuit and would be virtually impossible to untangle once it had been established. Like education and life learning, the results would depend in great part on the type of information presented and the way in which it was associated in time and space. It would be possible to establish a standard neural or associative array which incorporated the learned skill as a starting matrix framework. In this way a chemical CPU could be established with the capabilities to deal with human like situations in the same manner that is done by people themselves.

It does raise some bizarre ethical issues about what constitutes existence if a circuit or wet circuit can successfully function as a person. The inherent complexity of emotions would not emerge in a simple learning matrix. The complex interplay of physicality and emotional response would be lacking and I doubt that there would be any tendency to consider this type of learning array to be existential.

I think the path of using neurons from any species in their entirety is not advisable as it would incorporate the same complex emergent response that are characteristic of evolved life. It would then incorporate all the flaws with the advantages, and that would lead to dangerous actions by a constructed organism.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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