Meeting neighbors

I wonder what is the best approach when meeting new neighbors in new solar systems. If they have no real space technology, then what could they offer me as a trader ( or pirate ). If they were on the verge of space technology they might be able to produce new electronics or machines that I could incorporate and along with that, people to program and operate it. The biggest problem is worlds that still have feudal governments and little kings running around claiming to be the sons and daughters of god. Just like the Incas, they would imagine themselves able to fight against a space faring race, which would be their ticket to the happy hunting ground.

The ability to move in space requires something more than an expendable momentum propulsion source. As a result, traveling from star to star is the greatest time and energy cost, while pushing a planet a little out of its orbit to intimidate its inhabitants would be a minimal cost. It would be advisable to place a spy on the planet to get an idea of the technology present and when it was determined it could not respond to one of the tools that you possess, apply it and collect the booty. I would guess I personally would not trust the leaders of Earth to negotiate, considering they constantly claim to be acting peacefully, only to bide time hoping to come up with a solution or to allow the next wave of troops to catch up.

If it was culture like the Incas, the leaders would negotiate away any chance that their population would survive, by forcing the complete destruction of the culture. There are many techniques that could be used. Raising the rotation rate of the planet would result in faster tidal rates, core heating and larger equatorial tides. Slowing rotation would produce quick weather pattern changes and would be difficult to compensate for extremes of temperature. It depends on the goals and it would probably gain some by keeping the inhabitants as slaves until the normal slave race arrived, but that gains so little in productivity. I would imagine that simply a slow decay of energy sources would be the easiest way to stop mechanical activity. It wouldn't even require the inhabitants to be aware that they were being removed.

All are transparent, we see plans within plans.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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