Pandora is scaring me again

I was thinking about the fact that people can develop whatever things they want to help themselves and mostly it gets usurped by others. It has been this way always. It is the fact that the more you collect, the more thugs you can hire and the more you gain power. It is very transparent in monarchies and drug cartels and less transparent in societies. It is very similar to how a virus uses the mechanism of a cell to promote its life path.

Pandora has suggested a solution and it is definitely possible, however Pandora has a way of being like an evil genie and giving you what you wish for and much more. The unintended consequence of all things is the problem. I will consider this and try to determine what strange trick is hidden in the answer.

Something I saw on the BBC news was one of the clearest examples of the consumption of few for many. A law here states that a person owns the water which can be pumped from their land. If you sit on an aquifer you can suck an entire state dry legally. So it means that a corporation can and does buy the rights from a single individual and rapes the resources of everybody else to the tune of several billion dollars a year. That buys a lot of thugs. It is very similar to oil. I am pretty sure that nobody had a hand in creating the oil in the earth and if you point in a certain direction, it is under everybody. I also saw a new oil technology and for some reason it made me a little uneasy. There is something on the edge of thought that I am not understanding at the moment, perhaps it will come to me. Helium in wells, alpha decay, oil is lighter than water,sand is SiO2, C(n)H(2n+2), proton pump in mitochondria,FM and lines of force,ToK, differential pressure, micro gravity, electrostatic fields, phosphorous and calcium.

Oh well, it is still escaping me, perhaps another day.

I saw an interesting article on an actual fusion process that might be used by an individual, however it is not 'critical' ( E in < E out ). I will look at the process and see if I can see a way to make it practically critical.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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