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I have wondered for years if it is possible to use ants as a neural array and considering their versatility and survival , they are certainly a good start. There was an ant walking on the ceiling of the porch and the power to weight ratio, surface to mass, and other scale factors make them very effective. What they lack is a central colony nervous system. Ants in Europe have developed super colonies and may be emerging to this concept.

I think that many species are being killed by the continuous erosion of living space, toxins, pesticides, environmental changes and many other factors. Ants have a unique niche that has existed for millions of years and they have a diversity of action that is impressive. They are slavers, farmers, conquerors, and many other things that define culture and society.

The total bio mass of ants exceeds that of any other creature. The skill sets they contain are fantastic. If they could be programmed to become a living processor and effector, they would be a fantastic tool. I have been studying ants since I was a child. I have done some experiments with them and they survive under the most unbelievable conditions. They can tolerate radioactivity, chemical pollution, pesticides, and a host of other things that kill other species.

By combining a little nano technology , some chemistry and a lot of things I have learned about ants, it is possible to direct the entire population of ants in the world by hacking the infrastructure of their existence. The "crazy ants" that appeared recently is a good example of the effectiveness of biological micro-technology. Ants have been known to invade military bases and steal radioactive materials, swarm in armies that destroy everything in their path, live in trees, breed other organisms as farm animals, culture bacteria and fungus, enslave their own species, and so many other things it is impossible to do their societies justice in less than an entire library.

The fact that ants can and do live in almost every location in the world is a tribute to the design and its resilience. It seems to make sense to me that if I were intending to create a super computer, I would start with ants.

It seems that science is racing head long to re-invent that which is available in nature. I discovered that I do not need to make a mitochondrial OS as it already exists and it merely requires an understanding of the programming language of life itself. With the tools I have, I can achieve every goal that would be reasonable to expect from life by simply understanding and managing the magnificent system which has evolved an answer for me. I would say the computational power to create it is well beyond human capability in any near future. If the ants die, I would think that the life outside of the sea would certainly follow.

Many things I consider possible in genetics have been designed by nature and it requires an understanding of the process to see what has existed always from the perspective of humans.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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