Open source medicine

After I took genetics and cloning and did some lab work, I realized I could create almost any chemical found in nature through genetic engineering. This article at Science A Gogo describe some of the advances in that area. It would be nice, since nature creates these chemicals all the time, if there were a way to download a sequence of RNA pairs and make your own medicines. I doubt that it will ever happen however. A person could get yeast packets with an -add- that made bread + medicine.

I guess this actually means that the manufacturing process requires no work at all and all the people can be fired, the cost stays the same, and new regulations make it illegal to possess and transfer the yeast unless you are able to deliver a consistent high level of bribe. It does make the process -so- transparent.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, however possession of apple seeds is illegal, picking apples is illegal, and apples can only be purchased by tending the apple trees long enough to produce 1,000 apples. Apples are the birth right of the nobility by their decree and they were granted exclusive right to exploit. Nobility are nobility by their decree. If you don't believe that you can be removed to the corn field and this makes it so. My head is dizzy with this circular logic. Always it comes back to might makes right and truth and I haven't found a way ( yet ) to design a wrench for that self perpetuating system.

I am not really morbid, it is just that I have to look at the chain of process and though new achievements are great, the gain created by many always gets perverted for the few.

I am absolutely sure that the people who use yeast as a tool did not invent it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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