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I am not really as paranoid as some might think, I just see things that are farther off and recognize where they lead. This article at Wired about DoD ( Army ) spending is an example of the mind set that would consider "chipping' people a moral solution to national or international security. The idea is that there is an "us" and "them" involved.

It is very difficult to say which of the wacky ideas will get traction, however developing the skill set for it is a good start. The research into mind control has been ongoing for as long as I have lived. The technology now makes this possible and combined with intent is what makes it probable instead of possible. It is a nasty road beyond that and like many technologies, it is a hop skip and jump to hell.

There is no reason for them to avoid chipping soldiers or policemen as they have shown a willingness in the past to use the troops as experimental subjects in some of the most bizarre things that a person could imagine, and that is only what is common knowledge.I am quite certain that (x=u/k) was such an experiment that I accidentally happened upon. I may be getting as bad as everybody else, I can't seem to develop any shock at the absolute insanity of many things designed to destroy the very fabric of human normality. I may just be waiting for the Borg fleet to leave from our planet and then I will understand where the aliens really come from. I already know some people in the military who would agree to being chipped as part of their duty, and you have to wonder if they have already been chipped in another way, that they are not aware of. ((® ©))

It actually makes sense from their perspective as they know they are just scamming people with government and the only way they keep control is through military or police and if they can't depend on the police to follow their orders they are going to be in deep shit.


ichandrae said...

hi Paul.

This is sad sad sad but then ofcourse you have to consider that mind control already exists but not in such an extreme form.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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