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It seems a simple task to expand the data of advance of perihelion to encompass a new formula which is least complex to fit available data and a limitation to many is that the model is not projected for false positive which is a superstition like mistake, I think. By saying there is a correlation like DNA ( RFLP ) = person without doing the necessary work to find it's exceptions is just bad science.

Where did the naive approach to space and science originate? It hardly seems realistic if a person uses their culture as their only example available. If I live in culture that kills members of it's own species like it was a video game, why would I ever suspect that a culture outside of Earth would be wandering around handing out advanced technology to cultures that are more like pirates than diplomats.

So in the same vein, why would I share the advanced technology from within with a system which treats me like a pirate's slave? If you want the 'bridge', you will have to fight your way through the shadow wire.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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