Newton and gravity

To break the process down even further. If a data set of observable events is created and it is determined that the data sets of a process are consistent in their relationship, that the acting principle would display itself in the simplest method which covered all observed data. This generalization could be applied to any situation where data is present and determine that a force is present in the system, the type of force and it's origin.

I am speaking in general and so I will give a concrete or 'oil' example. If I have data points of the price of oil and I assume that there is a force being applied to price, then I could search for an algorithm which described a force and origin which explained the resultant data. In most global situations the forces that act on market can come from multiple sources and would become factorial complex. It is however possible to isolate sections of a process and observe the action of individual forces on process and combine resolved elements to a complete predictive model.

The 'theory' developed as process is far more usable than defining paired sets as I described before. It is as different as creating hardware or creating hardware that designs hardware then designing hardware and software which establishes the design process itself.

The validity of the results are measured in the quality of the end product. In the case of economics it would be measured in successful hits for long / short in a fluctuating system. The example is provide as reference and using this simply destabilizes or causes useless parasitic action in a productive process, but I guess that is what greed is really all about.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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