Money honey

The people who collect vast amounts of money never cease to amaze me with their routines. I can see that it works for 99.999% of the population and that is all that matters. So what if a few other people know they are pulling a trick on people? It isn't like you could go through the logic of it and people would say AHA! they are tricking us. A person has to realize that if the average IQ is 100, then 50% of the population is below that. Usually if you can fool 50% consistently that is all it takes. It isn't like they will ever catch on.

I'm not trying to glorify myself, I just know that this is the pattern and I am sure that there are many people who see the pattern that is their plan and without doing the same thing it is hopeless to try and win with reason.

I could go through the logic, but if you can understand you have already figured it out and if you can't, well, good luck may be hereditary (. .).


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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