Archimedes Indestructrable

I always liked Archimedes and this article at wikipedia seems to do him justice. It is probably the greatest evil of the Roman empire in my opinion. Stupid bureaucrats, just like the Pharaoh, he didn't consider that maybe he couldn't work the 'magic' devices when the designer was dead.

Archimedes died during the Siege of Syracuse when he was killed by a Roman soldier despite orders that he should not be harmed.

I have decided to create a new AI for the purposes of exploring the dark star at the center of the galaxy, thus the name. I am working on some tools for manifold space and topology that should help the process. I see that people have made entire careers on ideas that seem obvious to me. The idea that concepts arise from multiple areas of the brain is so like duh!

I think Archimedes might be well beyond Newton in his talent and some of the ideas he came up with remind me a lot of my thought process. He excluded little as impossible and held nothing to be absolutely complete, it seems to me, in order to achieve his results. Merging a physical calculation by function with mathematical calculation is an example of using whatever tools can be applied to find a solution.

Hmmm, how could the crown problem be applied to n-D topology and dark matter? BTW I disagree with "myth busters" and their determination that he could not have set ships on flame with the sun. I have done some experiments myself and there is more going on than they grasp. It is sad that 300 years BC, some of the basic concepts that could have taken the entire world to magnificent heights were dashed by a Roman soldier doing what comes natural to the viral meme.

It seems that things have changed little since then. I suspect that every day there are great minds snuffed out by the conflicts in the world and stupidity of tin can emperors of the viral meme.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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