Mind in a net bind box

The issue of net security like boundary ( edited: referring to border gateway protocol here, my bad, got it confused with boundary scan in an integrated circuit. I should probably limit my thinking to one topic at a time, but that wouldn't be much fun.) are symptomatic of the development of a world wide computer system based on Darpa net. I really think somebody failed to do their homework on this one. It is such a complex system that it wobbles about like a drunken baby.

So life does not give you a manual that says at age X you will encounter Y and you need to learn B. It is the acquisition of knowledge in preparation for the unknown which is most important to me and it seems to be a valid hypothesis. Still, I am not prepared for dealing with the concept of an AI that is millions ( or even trillions ) of times more intelligent than myself and self sustainable. I am going for a walk.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen