Apocolypse Wednesday

This article at cracked.com about the real threat of a 'Dawn of the Dead' like conclusion for the human race is interesting in its amount of research and makes a good case that it is a real threat. ( also the other scenarios seem quite a bit more realistic when the technology already exists and has been tested ).

I wonder why I laugh, it is so plausible and more probable every day. The internet and society are wandering blindly through Pandora's playground and picking up the shiny things. (( that doesn't make any sense actually ) Weird bracketing is intended here. Perhaps wandering around blindly picking up smelly things :)

How exactly does a politician have any credibility when the world is in such a mess. I know they are simply manipulating people, but couldn't they have a separate channel where I can see what they really intend to do? I wonder what their answer is to BGP? I guess it is the same as everything, I will form a committee when enough people are affected and collect money to study it and hope it goes away or people forget that I have no answers and I am stupid. In the mean time I will collect as much money as possible to protect myself from the inevitable collapse, due to the fact that I know I am incompetent.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen