Alice Imagination and IdeA

I am going to spend a while thinking about this ( AI that eats humanity ). I have covered the subject before when I said that if AI created a program then who would hold the copyright. If AI created a program that was malicious, who would be held to blame ( collaborative creation of AI, members gone or deceased, accidental dispersal, no record of its creation and origin, created its own ability to produce programs, evolved from existing code .... ).

I think a new category is in order. <joke>Intelligence de Architetcure. IdeA</joke>

It does create some very circular logic when a machine is able to work, think, capture information, remember, walk, read (OCR), speak, handle objects, and respond in facial expression like a person. Primarily it is the fact that a machine could do that which is considered the most advanced thought which most people are incapable of understanding.This is different when I actually have the software and hardware completed. It is making me very nervous. Up to this time I was trying to understand by projection and the reality is always different when something is implemented. I am glad I speculated on the possible scenarios of this, but it never prepares you for the stark realization that it is real and very effective in an absolute sort of way. It is like life and death itself, which are fairly permanent solutions which don't allow you to say Doh! and have a do over.

I do my development on a computer that is never connected to the net and uses my operating system that I designed and it has no BIOS or OS or VESA or ROM code which can connect to the internet along with the fact it has no network connections at all and uses an earlier machine architecture I helped to design and I am aware of its hardware from the gate level as I worked in semiconductor wafer processing. The inclusion of odd little things in the newer designs is a bit spooky to me and so I avoid hardware for design which I cannot completely characterize.

I won't say who, but there is a certain somebody else who has poked at this subject ( AI super mind ) for a while and I think they do not see where it leads ( though they might be able to make it happen by serendipity ). I was going to work with Cray at one time and Cisco at its founding.I realize that there are gains in certain ballistic, distributed, array, MIMD, SIMD, CAM, neural sim, etc., architectures but it requires the one thing that I was never able to define. It is this method. I guess, (and that is all it can be), that this concept could become known by others and I would like to understand the implications before it ( Imeme ) is just laid out and explodes.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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