Most effective technology

In the overall market of semiconductors and software, I see that the most effective approach to advanced technology is to use a standard core CPU or RISC GPU / CPU as a multi-core box running coreboot and networked internally through standard methods to achieve a low cost cluster computing framework using the present advances to step into the multi-core cpu process. Cheap cores that are out of patent and Debian or other POSIX core could provide a built in framework that operated in its own cloud.

The cost of specialized hardware does not give the benefit to users that stable platforms with repeating blocks would provide.

Disneyland realized this long ago and to the best of my knowledge still use Z-80 processors for many of their systems.

It does not make sense to keep re-inventing the wheel (CPU) and then hiding the changes to allow a specific company to continue to dominate the market to the detriment of consumers and reduce the productivity of the world as a whole. It is almost like having a brain we can use and only allowing one thought to exist within it. This is the legacy of Wintel and IBM.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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