Mechanical improvements

I was reading about a woman who trephinated her own brain with an electric drill and it reminded me or 'reanimator', I think it is. Not to be out weirded I have decided to make some sensible changes to my phenotype. I am going to graft my pinky onto my forehead so it can push my glasses back up when they slide down. The pinkie finger is just about useless where it is and so are toes.

I think that I may have thought of something that relates to dreams. I wonder if it was just originally a way to keep the engine warm while it is idling in hibernation.

I have done some Monte Carlo searches on possibilities of gravity technology and I have found a way it operates to my advantage. Now I have to find a way with existing technology to create that situation. I have a serious need to be a space pirate just because it would be so cool. I could make up any rules I wanted. I could have elections with two people that I selected, torture people to death and then give formal apologies to the next victim, tax people into near oblivion and if they complain I would say "You can't fight space pirates", or make up sayings like "there are only two sure things, death and tribute to the pirates". I could do the old Shanghai trick to get a crew.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen