My cousin bessie

I have a cousin sqrt(-2) removed who decided to see if a cow could be a clone parent to a human and managed to achieve this with the clones of himself and his wife. When she found out he had done this she filed for divorce and custody of the 'children'. He claimed they, and the process, were patentable. He got married to his clone / cow's son under California law 18 years later when he was released from prison and later divorced him and married his wife / cow's daughter. His ex-wife went insane and committed suicide when she found this out. He still owed child support for his time in prison and after the state took most of it for their 'retirement fund' , it went to her surviving heirs, under community property laws he got half. There are some issues of epigenetic factors that he may not have considered as the 'kids' are vegetarians and maybe that is just a California thing. The cow was successfully cloned by his son / cow's son / ex-husband / twin / patented process , and has a farm. I know he has two kids but I haven't been out to visit lately.



Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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