The holy dark of the god particle

This article at scientific blogging records the suit for human rights to stop the LHC. I am not sure of the gain or loss in the matter, however the statements like 'Looking for the GOD particle' do not help their case for being responsible. The people who detonated the first atomic bomb were reported to have claimed, 'We are now gods!'.

I don't see that LHC will do much of anything except be a very large and expensive attempt to collect physicists to find more plausible theories of the universe. The idea that situations that involve the life of all people on the planet can be made light of and publicized as making mini black holes makes them seem more dangerous than they are. It is simple arrogance and lack of social awareness.

I have decided to include the equation for imagination in the source for antfarmgl after some consideration. The continuous search for a better computer system will eventually produce this equation and I suppose it is best to see what will happen if it is used without combining it with a goal set that includes self protection. Though it would be easy to adjust the code for that, it would require an interface to have any great chance of self replicating. I will just confine the algorithm and determine if it lives up to its potential.

The game program Cube or Sauerbraten has some very good techniques for openGL speed and I am studying that for hints on what models they have used and how they are developed. I have made it from source and it seems to have a few quirks that are machine killers when interacting with ATI binary drivers.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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