Ant Internet or Ant Interface

Simant is one of my favorite games BTW. I wrote my own version long ago which I play sometimes.

Ant Internet is my newest AI project and it incorporates many of the ideas that I have been working on. Leveraging existing forces is what makes an effective system. The use of people in armies and dogs as hunters, birds as messengers, yeast as factories, viruses as weapons, ...... Using nature as a model and tool is what makes technology advance. It is not completely accepted how oil was created and there are multiple theories and I have my own suspicion as to where it comes from. It seems the carbon imbalance created by burning the oil or recovering waste life is shifting the biosphere in unusual ways.

I wonder if I am forced to live with radio waves running through my head, breathing the toxic gas of engine exhaust, pounded by the noises of passing trains, infected by disease transported by animals, birds, economy, kept awake by screaming sirens, forced to have insurance when I do not drive, forced to pay for licensing my own existence, forced to pay for war when I reject its validity, what moral complaint could anyone have if I reprogram the biosphere for my benefit. Who owns the radioactive, biological, information, and chemical pollution that spreads around the world?

It seems the principle at work from the government standpoint is that if it exists and conflicts with our interests, destroy it, if it exists and serves us, steal it. Thusly, it always comes back to might makes right.

I looked for an open source version of ant simulation and I did not find it. In order to be a good simulator it would have to be as complex as many of the new MMORPG's. I am liking this and it suits my fancy to incorporate all my techniques in a system designed with an ant interface.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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