Fish logic

Observing nature and man leads to a very great difference in the type of mind associated with certain behaviors. A fish may perform a specific action from generation to generation, such as swimming upstream or specific patterned behavior. There is a big difference between innate logic which is designed into the structure of the organism and that which exists as a learned method.

I have been modeling the system as a whole and trying to identify what effect external information has on the mental process of different classes of organisms. An ant has a specific logic which is described in its structure. It seems obvious that I would model in the human also. It seems that it is not a cut and dried process there. Within the human population there is a spectrum of social logic systems that have attractors and modes like fish or ants.

Organisms are unable to adapt outside of their physical limitations ( obviously ) and they are also incapable of adapting outside their mental limitations. The passing of information from generation to generation as social history and now the explosion of information has created a situation in which some individuals are incapable of adapting to the complexity of the situations due to the fact that their logic is not based upon solving a new situation, but rather repeating a method which may actually be a mistake. It creates a situation where it is possible to see a person as bound by their instinct to repeat a failed method without any hope of escaping the logic as there is no process in the brain that exists for that purpose. A beaver will interact with it's environment in a certain way and no one questions the fact that a beaver will build a dam and people do not find it odd. I do find it to be odd as there are no engineering plans, and therefore it is instinctual. People will act this same way and continue to build or do X when there is no purpose or need. When viewed with the obvious logical solution in place and a person chooses the innate failed method, it looks very weird to me to say the least.

This is a very odd observation for me, it would seem a normal assumption that humans have the same basic brain mechanics if they have the same physical apparatus. This is not the case in practice and it is possible to manipulate the action of some people with a precision that is virtually mechanical. It is possible that a certain type of mind is completely incapable of adapting to new information, by its very design.

Disclaimer: I merely observe and analyze the universe . If you have any complaints about the design, contact the manufacturer.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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