Benchmark my brain

The tests which exist for determining a persons intelligence are very weak benchmarks of performance in a practical situation. It seems that they are designed to determine a persons adaptability to a governments interest in using them as neuro-mechanical elements in a process for their pleasure. It seems to be assumed by those who manipulate others, that they are the smart ones and the others are the apes that they train to do various menial jobs. Though I would say there is an intellectual differential in some aspects, they suffer from the same innate flaws as those they control.

Whether it is organic amplification or mechanical leverage, the guiding principle and capability of the controlling organism will determine its success.

So it is, that the structure of society is primarily that of the puppet master and their slaves who do the bidding of a puppet without strings attached. It is not for the puppet to decide if they are being manipulated. It is only by being an organism which is not subject to induction by instinct that it is possible to comprehend. It is more reasonable to assume that fish will rise up against their shark masters and gain their rightful place in Darwin's heaven.

War with the Neo-Neanderthals has begun and here on the "Planet of the Singing Scepter" the future will be decided by that which is unknowable to many.

The process of intellect does not incorporate tools like :
Beat them until they talk.
Kill them if they resist.
Chain them in their place.
Destroy them if they are more intelligent and will not be enslaved.
Torture and debase them as a warning to those who would resist.

Again I speak of that which can only be characterized as innate or viral meme. Personally, I would much rather be killed than commit mental suicide from fear.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen