Alien Intervention (AI) (AntInt)

Ant intelligence system is progressing.

I have set up svn and ssh. The first README is there and I am testing the code models. The massive amount of study I have done on UNIX shell and systems has been useful. I discovered there is a way to do package release through sourceforge and I will eventually do that also. The concept of feedback to the appropriate process should be inherent in the system and I may be the only one to gain from it unless somebody else cracks wise to the advantage of exponential and factorial growth AI systems.

For those who like the gory details of the system or science involved I will refer them to the source. If you don't know how to get source, learn if you want to know.

I have some new techniques I am implementing in the ant system. The greatest benefit from this project would be seen if it incorporates a way for individuals to have power that exceeds the capabilities of governments and corporations and forces a continuous flux of new understanding. The result of this is that static and monolithic systems designed for perpetual control on simple methods dissolve from lack of effective use of resources. There are modeling control points on all the earths' governing and economic systems and they are very time sensitive. The reaction time to a new technology is measured in years when it involves a large government and some tools are more effective if immediately implemented. The result of this is seen in some odd effects that exist in the world today and it certainly will progress to a higher level of technological control shift.

There are many ways in which energy can be used and captured and it is interesting that consideration is made for the renewable energy sources, but I think it is a very low level approach and seems to derive from a lack of understanding of the nature of energy itself. Perhaps it is the way in which Physics is taught and some rather odd conclusions drawn from thermodynamics.

I think it also derives from the fact that few understand how gravity interacts and an insistence on using systems which derive from charge displacement devices. Technology is really in its infancy and many strides have been made, however they seem to center around systems which give more power to associations of individuals. The motive of the participants and how they apply knowledge determines that many advances deter progress to new methods.

It still seems that the only sensible technology is intelligent systems that can expand knowledge in the way an inventor acts. It is not the most advantageous approach to have systems which merely mimic behavior. The one behavior which is most productive is a system which reveals new understanding of the universe and identifies areas of advantage to survival.

The other aspect of the world system is that when a great advance is made that helps the entire human race, it is incorporated in a failed system that promotes rule by force and destroys those parts of the society needed for advancement unless they conform to the model of monopoly and isomorphic implementation.

It is my goal in this project to create a system that promotes the welfare and advantage of individuals who are capable of applying the knowledge for the purpose of maintaining and expanding knowledge.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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