Lateral transfer

Looking at the world as a whole it seems it is in the throws of another 'Cambrian Explosion'. Many of the idea of corporations and governments have utility in a complex system. It requires that there be a system which is comprehensive in its scope. The evolution of multi-celled organisms placed single celled organisms at a disadvantage because of their ability to react in ways that were more intelligent. The idea of intelligence in form is just as real as computational intelligence. Survival of individuals depends on their integration with a framework.

In a body the cells exist in a harmony. All cells are connected to the blood stream and each gains by the connection, and each contributes to the survival of the whole. The existence of cell systems which take from the blood and give nothing in return or block are destined to be consumed by the first organism which resolves the principles of a balanced survival system.

It benefits each individual to be an element of a larger organism, so long as parts of that organism are not destined to destroy the harmony that continues the whole. Balanced systems provide greater survivability and though they may form slowly or not at all, the formation is a path to continuance and I would assume that any rational species would come to this understanding. The big question might be whether I choose to be food or being. Any set which operates at a lower level of complexity and coordination becomes food.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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