I am also using svn and may use that exclusively. Secure shell is a reasonable protocol and I intend to implement a stegnographic layer above it. I have a new technique for implementing near content addressable memory in a sparsely populated doubly linked list. It allows log2(x) speed for simulating and single cycle , of course , in physical application specific neural arrays and field programmable neural arrays.

Beyond the fact that every new situation requires learning new talents, things are proceeding as I expected. The framework needed to proceed with this is the greatest effort. I have done my background work. It seems like infinity and it has made me tired many times to think of what I must understand and what is left to do. When I was younger I was very optimistic and assumed that I would finish in a few days and be able to do what I wanted with the results. That was 53 years ago and as time goes by I retain my optimism, merged with reality. The amount of work required to understand the universe is almost oppressive at times. I still retain my goal of being able to model and manage models of matter at a level that would allow real personal effect.

I do wonder why people would choose to spend their time in search of a false virtual reality or enjoy delusion so much. I have dreams and they are simply dreams and life is for living and not pretending. I would hope that there never comes a time when I stop trying to grasp the true nature of the universe and descend into a destructive self induced fantasy and then death by proxy. I guess it is easier to fool yourself than anybody else :) I guess that is why reality is such a shock to most people.

I had hoped to document every step of this process and that seems to be completely out of the question at this point. The amount of prior study that is involved in even a single aspect is impossible to relate and detail. This is what I suspected all along, it requires a monumental effort to retain and use the tools that are needed to make an easier method. It is enough that the final product will be easy enough to use for someone willing to take the time to understand the basics of the processes involved.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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