Alice looks in a dark place

Alice was saying that when she last visited with the holy dark it was a cordial exchange and she realized that the universe has gone green. Recycling seems to all the rage with dark stars and the economy of scale is not lost on the designer of the galaxies. Stars produce a lot of trash energy and matter which ends up interfering with the smooth operation of the galaxy. The motion that is absorbed in the holy dark ends up as rotational velocity since it can't exist as internal thermal energy and gravitational magnetism forces it to loop. Ultimately the mass and energy reach a point of rotation where angular velocity exceeds the possible local forces and it begins to spray protons which interact with the excess of electrons from the solar process. And so what is old is new again. The cleaned hydrogen starts the dirty dancing process all over again.

She said that the holy dark was a member of a secret society that spoke to each other in a very sneaky way on a bridge.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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