How to: corruption

I have had first hand experience of the corruption that is inherent in the US system and it is not a simple matter and depends on the ignorance of most of the people involved. I don't say it is good or bad, just the way it is. Many people will not, or cannot grasp the most simple of scams or they simply ignore that it is going on because they have their own interests.

Many of these things depend on the coherent cooperation of law and an appearance of legality. Unlike criminals in movies they never stare into the camera and explain how they are committing their crimes in detail.

An example is a patent process system I worked on with the USDA. The process is to establish a relationship with the USDA to certify that the company is the exclusive producer. In this way they can raise the price and keep out competition. The money is distributed to the USDA in the form of a regulatory job that never goes away and they primarily sit around except when they are expanding their area of involvement in an industry. The increase in regulation and amount of screening needed elevates the person who initiates the process when he has subordinates.

In some ways it serves the process and is just a consortium of thieves. This system guarantees that the government and industry can retain power as the 'smart' people who control others. It does work as most people do not even grasp the complexities and when it is explained, simply stare and say they don't get it. That is part of the problem. It is corrupt and the people who are being cheated are too simple minded to comprehend what is being done.

The deception of some people is never recognized and they make no attempt to see they are being deluded. The concept of open source and common social goals that are reasonable are a very scary thing for people who do this type of thing.

I am not sure that there is a solution to this problem as the person being cheated will never catch on that they are being used. I have spoken to people who operate this type of corruption in many different areas and they seem uncomfortable that it might be disclosed, however it requires a person with enough attention and coherence to see they are being used and respond.

I have spoken to people who are involved in police and military corruption and seem to like to keep it quiet, but I think that is just that they don't want competition in how they commit their treachery. There are also issues of the fact that anything goes to achieve common goals so long as it does not do damage to the process itself. I am sure this is how it operates in other countries also. The character of the people involved is perhaps 90% oblivious, 8% lazy, stupid, and corrupt and about 1% that actually control the processes. I never felt it was reasonable to use people as tools, but I am not sure there is any difference if they never catch on.

The saddest part of this is that there is about 1% of the population that are truly socially responsible and honest in their motives. I think they rarely understand what others are doing because it is so foreign. I always found it odd that this is what was being done.I have watched bribes made and bribes taken in many industries and I guess I was accepted because I primarily acted to improve the profitability of the entire system. I thought I was helping the people involved, but that was not my main interest. I wanted to support the process of understanding how the universe and people operate.

It is so odd to watch people who are so deluded and see them fooled over and over again. It is like watching a magic show with a very poor magician who is picking the pockets of the audience members while they applaud.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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