Dual universe

Subjects: Matter and anti-matter mixed in this universe. Gamma ray bursts. Egocentric reasoning.

I wonder what the odds are that there is a mixed universe of matter and anti-matter. It seems possible that the material could exist and form structures like matter ( stars and galaxies ) and just not be seen because of the nature of light and how it is measured. Since light is intimately linked to the process of the molecule and it's measurement is done with 'normal' matter, it seems reasonable to assume that any amount of matter operating on the opposite principle could exist and it would only be 'seen' by its effects in gravitational distortion. It seems to me that the development of neutrino measurement would provide an answer to this.

It seems that there should be a simpler way to identify this by analysis of the whole system. It could explain some anomalous data from some gamma ray burst data. I consider it a real possibility in a system that is perhaps perfectly balanced in its lack of preference. The universe could be a far more hostile place than anyone ever imagined. It seems so peaceful when we stare at the stars which seem almost permanent. It is odd to imagine that on their time scale it is chaotic.

It seems that when we do not know what external event may destroy life, it would be wiser for people to work very closely for a solution. It isn't difficult to see the choices when a tsunami, volcano, hurricane, tornado, or plague scours the earth. It seems odd that anyone would doubt that this is just a taste of what trials we may face as we observe and occupy more of the universe. It seems that the idea that the earth is the center of all things and has some preferred status in the universe is a major impediment in analyzing and responding to threat.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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