WoW now brown cow

This link at Danger Room describes what the military is doing and as I said in a previous post it is now obviously possible to run the server for WoW and import real data to the server from a battlefield or US street and with or without the knowledge of those playing, they can become an element of somebody's military that runs the server. It could be used by anyone. I can set up a game server and interface it to a real world control system that relays back the information from the servo to be used as objects in the game.

I simply describe what can be and it seems that even as bizarre as it might seem, the chipping of people to establish an absolute and permanent dictatorship is simply a breath away. The really sad part is that 99.999% of people won't even see it coming.

I refuse to describe how easy it is to chip the planet because it will certainly give somebody more ideas than they already have, but trust me, it is about as difficult as making a grill cheese sandwich if you know how to cook.

The first time I heard of an email virus or email worm I said that is impossible. What you don't know can't hurt you, is that the old saying? It just makes me sick to think about this because I am not promoting the problem, I just understand how things happen. I think it is possible that it would turn out a different way, but that is very unlikely. It is one of three possibilities and one of those is death, one is eternal slavery, and one is so improbable that it is just included because I like the answer. I am sure that the people who were massacred by some process always said, WoW, I didn't see that coming!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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