Why open and free source is a threat

Open source and Linux is a proof of concept truth that must make the governments and companies of the world furious and dedicated to it's eradication. The common principle of power and control is that people, when left to their own decisions, will create a chaos of madness and destruction and it is the self proclaimed moral superiors in the companies and government that will correct this by regulating and controlling them to keep them from becoming monsters.

If people ran their own railroad it would be a horrible nightmare of conflict and chaos, therefore the railroad baron must force himself on the people to become the gateway to the delivery of product.

To me it is obvious that it is simple dominance that is involved and they are authorized to use power for the sake of a greater central power of the fat cats that kill with impunity and feast on the death of the people.

If I have an open railroad that is run by those who use it, then I don't have to pay for somebody's luxury yacht as part of the transportation fee. For every dollar they take to feed their excess, another person dies on each end of the transport for lack of food.

The idea of common goal for the protection from external threat has been forged into common control to oppose external threat to the privileged few. We are the aliens to them, we are the horrific alien threat that will destroy their royal lifestyle.

Every call, every sale, every piece of land, every medicine, every tool, every invention, every labor, and every communication incurs a penalty that is used to further the centralized rule by whoever has the lack of moral compass to do such a thing.

If I don't collect all your effort in one place and apply it morally, you will just use it for evil. I am good, you are bad and that is true because I say so.

A fire cannot spread through water.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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