Government intelligence

There seems to be a general principle involved here that is fairly obvious and I will consider one single thing to highlight this fact.

I am the overlord and I am smarter than you and therefore I take most of what you make to do good for all. I am a saint and as such I must live well in my custom limousine chariot and helicopters balloons and work at a building pyramid with a golden roof. I am the Pharaoh and I am appointed by god himself to rule you desperate and sickening pieces of shit.

I collect your labors to build the levees barriers to the Nile and save you from flood. From each labor a portion is taken to build my government capitol buildingpyramid and to count my our riches. What is left will be distributed fairly to all people. First it will be used to shore up the levees about the center of power. Obviously you wretched pieces of shit need me to decide what is good for you and if I am gone you would die in hopeless confusion like the idiots you are. So shore up the walls of power. Okay there are some monies left and so I will consider what is important. Yes I will shore up the walls around my contributor's business because he recognizes the truth of my deity.Well, there is not enough money left to shore up the levee's in your town village , even though it was your labor that I took to protect you from the ravaging floods and you could have spent that labor to correct your own problem. You must die and suffer for the common good and as you know, I am the common good. I follow the Pharaoh's rule, if they die because of my incompetence, their voices will be silent.

Perhaps the end of the Pharaoh's rule was when people learned how to count.

They won't make that mistake again.

Why didn't you protect yourself from the flood? The government told me they would take care of me. I see, my children. You are an idiot who gives what he needs to whoever passes by in a golden chariot and accepts that they will bring it back to help you.

The idea that the people of power are smarter than anybody else is simply because of the fact that they proclaim it. The evidence suggests that those who seek and exercise power are in fact so deluded by their own self-assurance that they cannot act rationally. What reasonably intelligent person would invade a country without looking to see if there was a problem with that concept. Shoot first and bury the innocent later, the mark of a vastly superior intellect at work.

The basic science of power is a complete piece of crap and the very principles involved are so unscientific and counterproductive that they may well be the source of nearly all suffering that is beyond what comes with the territory and is beyond our control.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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