Who owns the air and emptiness

I wonder about the fact that companies can charge and regulate the use of the air around me without my permission. It might sound insane but perhaps people have never thought about the fact in any actual scientific way or don't even understand what is going on. If I send a radio signal from a source, it does not have a secret process to only go in the air or influence only the receiver magically. I can send a radio signal through a persons body and house and car to communicate with somebody else. The companies say that they own the signal because they generate that signal. It requires that they send signals through my body and house constantly. I am not allowed to block the signal from passing through me and doing whatever it does in the process. I can cook a person with microwaves and I can alter a person's mind with magnetic fields, I can change the chemical composition and action of a system with EM.

EM by it's very nature is not contained in a space, it travels outward. It was originally regulated to keep people from being chaotic and interfering with each other ( supposedly ). The same is true of wires and cables. It was thought that if I ran my own wire to the neighbor or used a ham radio to talk to him then eventually I would become evil. The issue is not the preservation of communication, but the control and profit of communication. If I run a copper wire to my neighbor and instead of calling him on the phone, I use this method, then no government can eavesdrop without great expense. If however, I allow the government to set the standard that all calls must go through a central exchange and that is monitored, then it is easy for them to tap and eavesdrop and thus have control. They can tell you that your conversations with the neighbor are not currently legal because you discuss the politics of personal choice.

The people of power have been promoting and implementing these systems of centralized control since the beginning of the electronic age. They are monopolists and power mongers and they only look at one thing in any new technology. "How does it give me more power over "others"?"

It is no different than the idea of installing a chip in every person's brain and then connecting it to a central switchboard so I can decide what they think. It is a lot more inconvenient, the way it has been done in the past, but it is a transition to the implementation of the primary intent. They do not consider morality or humanity in their choices, we are cows to them.

Even if you think that what is being done is right, it is still poorly thought out. If I create a system where everybody is controlled from a central point, then all any conqueror has to do it control one single point and own the entire nation.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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