Why chip people

The last arguments which I am clarifying is the main reason that I see the advent of neural control chips in individuals. It is a messy process to control people and the complexity of interaction threatens to interfere with the control established by those who use the methods of advertising or propaganda to steer their herds. It should be obvious to them that they cannot continue to use the same methods in the future and some of the sheeple are beginning to look around and wonder if the herders are leading them to be slaughtered and of course they are, but the sheep are not supposed to get wise to this.

It seems a logical progression to me from manipulating people with emotions and words to the implant chip that is more direct and efficient. The people who do this consider themselves above others and see the general population as rubes that dance to any tune they create. I could imagine that somebody could develop such an opinion, but you would have to think that you were somehow 'above' the animal kingdom of people. I don't think that, though I am very skilled. I never think for a moment that I am some kind of living god and have a super talent that is more powerful than life itself. The common action of individuals as a group is far more intelligent and effective than I could ever be. If people simply followed one rule then they might be better off in the long run. ( Planet of the Apes ) "Apes should not kill other apes". As much as a person may think that they are acting out of their own personal choice, it is very possible to confuse even the most sophisticated person to act against their own best interest. Magic tricks and the inability of mind to encompass infinity in it's decisions. This is a nasty weapon and one that should have been left in Pandora's play chest, but eventually somebody will realize that Pandora keeps her things there for a reason.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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