I have no real opinion of the morality of eugenics, but I do see it as a destructive process. I guess the problem arises when you use a certain portion of the population which is easy to manipulate to kill another portion of the population that is not easily controlled. I think this is the ultimate goal. To establish a population which can be directed by an internal flaw in neural process to kill others and thus be a rather sophisticated dog person that can be made to 'sick em' on any target they choose. From this standpoint it is not much different than my Pharaoh's problem, but it also highlights the problem with the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh actually thinks he is god and there is no problem with doing this with people.

The use of people as tools is common practice and is probably the most effective science that exists. The gain per investment is high as it merely requires an effective concept and the materials are all self replicating.

There are more elegant methods which can be employed and this is a problem with all centralized control systems. I guess that it is wrong because it is so easily adapted to new methods and takes control from those who create it. It is like having one single switch for all internet, it would seem that it should be safe, but the very fact that it is commonly organized increases it's abuse.

So it is possible to use exactly the same techniques and simply 'overload' a new control mechanism for the existing mind control methods. It would seem that even though the techniques are obvious, I am not sure that those who use them have a real technical grasp of how it operates and how easily it can be redirected.

It has parallels in the area of identity theft and DNS ( Domain Name Server ) and other systems of 'trust'. It is a nasty business and nobody should traffic in human slaves, no matter how obfuscated the process seems.

If I sneak a gun into a prison containing murderers, I would certainly create a situation directly which would lead to the death of quite a few people. I imagine the reason they are in prison and not in Blackwater or NSA, is that they don't 'heel'.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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