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This article at Mind Hacks describes some of the methods that can be used and on a larger scale it is possible to influence entire populations if you control their source of information. In the US it has devolved to congress passing laws in virtual obscurity and people left to find out they have violated the new law when they are read their rights to vomit when they are gassed,

I know it is very morbid, but it is an obvious extension and I have been digging through things that I threw in Pandora's play box and there are at least four different things that could be used for a new type of 1134.

I have been hacking with freeciv and I don't actually play any of the games, I fiddle with the programs and bots as my type of sport. Adjusting the bots and letting them fight it out in various scenarios to determine which is the best approach. It is obvious that it would be easier to kill the AI bot than fight it's minions :)

The structure of world government is collapsing and they are aware that it is happening as they tighten control. The problem is that the veil of intention is lifted when we enter the end game. When the leaders realize that the troops have cracked wise to the fact that they are going to die anyway, and they turn to face the line of controllers and the puppet master beyond. It is the worst case scenario for the puppet master as the castle guard will fold as easily as tissue paper when faced with the idea of battling all the troops.

It is a very simple. The question is whether the cannon fodder is able to break programming long enough to see they are being manipulated to not think. I don't think that will happen as the dogs have been trained to the flag from an early age and it is not likely that they could break such rigorous mind hacking a situation where logic was required. The logical process of mind is subjegated to emotional response and even though they can remember and repeat some very complex sequences of actions, their mind would not be subject to change based on any understanding of their situation. I guess that out is covered by not letting the 'enemy' use mind control on them. They never suspect that the enemy is their leader. These same techniques are used in cults and people in cultures are just as likely to reject the fact that they are 'hacked' when you mention their own specific flag.

Shielding against gravity is something that is a euphemism for me and has to do with a certain technology that stays in Pandora's toys for now. I do wonder how it happened that the 100,000 on each side came into that valley with the leaders watching and slaughtered each other to the last man. That seems a waste on so many levels. If these people could be influenced to kill and die for no other reason than the entertainment of their leaders, then they would have been a useful tool for power. Perhaps they had too many soldiers and they cost money to maintain since they don't farm or work by their very nature as killers. I assume the leaders decided between them that it would be entertaining to dispose of the excess this way.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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