Who have you hit?

The new legislation that has been passed and retroactive immunity have caused me some unique logical issues.

Retroactive immunity on it's surface seems paradoxical to me. If I am a guy on death row for some crime like copying music and they pass retroactive immunity the day after they fry me, then they have committed murder by their own laws. I guess you get around that by passing a law that they cannot be guilty of a crime, which is what is done in practice.

Secondly, there is a darker issue here and I don't think it has been expressed. I know that people have become used to continuous deeper intrusion and they accept the fact that each new law is intended to keep us safer and it seems to work. There has been no illegal use of toothpaste on an airline in months.

The real issue is that even though I don't care if they are being stupid and it may be repealed when sufficient damage has been done.... It affects something that is not me or even tangible. Many of my family in the generations that we have lived in America have fought to support the principles that founded this country and kept it somewhat whole. It was done for those who would come after us, our children and those for all time. It is the sacrifice that they made that allows me some semblance of freedom and it was their gift to me as a child. This is what upsets me and may be the thing that gets me angry. I can accept problems for myself, but the children born into abject slavery and lack of basic human dignity is something that I cannot tolerate, even as a person who abhors violence. Will I allow them to enslave my children and grandchildren and use every child that is born from now until eternity for all I know as cattle?

If you take away the privacy from children, then you have taken away their innocence and freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. This is not just a matter of terrorists. If I kill the minds of children to save myself from even death I am a monster. I would give my life to save a child, would I destroy a child's future to save mine? Seems that this law was not well thought out and when you start messing with basic human rights it can be a situation where I cannot control my hand. I react reflexively when a child is in danger

And torture, illegal detention, secrecy.

I don't like it when people use children as an excuse for legislation, but why is it that we live? Privacy, freedom from illegal search, right to fair treatment etc. are not things that are bonus gifts to criminals, these are intended to protect the weak, the children, the poor, and the honest. I guess we could end this discussion about criminals by ending the life of every living thing. Then we would be sure to have gotten the music pirate and we will finally be free to enjoy the planet.

You do realize that this legal absolution does not say that they cannot rape and murder children, in fact it does give them the legal right to go one step further into depravity and use rape and child killing as a method of war. It is always shown with some adult who might have done something, however since the law includes everybody, they have absolved themselves from even the murder of babies. It is obvious that this has been done before and these types of laws always precede the furnaces and firing squads and witch tanks and burning stakes and the rack. Beware the jabberwock my friends.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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