What happens next? That is one of my favorite questions. It is fairly easy to take several points on a graph and then draw a line through them to see where the target is. It is also possible to take the first derivative of this and see if it is accelerating. Once you have set a machine in motion, once you stop the driving force, it will continue forward on it's path. The physics of government has drawn power from the people to create a machine intended for the people and now it has been around and even if it is tuned off immediately, it will still crush everything in it's path. There is momentum in everything and that is a fact of the universe. Power and potential power are not so specific. When you give someone power, you give them choice of how it is to be applied. It is an open invitation to abuse. When mv1>mv2, you might as well just call your mom and say goodbye.

I am new to the science of politics and just like some other sciences, I have a learning curve to get above. I can say that I see the broad strokes and this is some seriously evil code. It makes mal-ware look like chicken scratches. Political programming through propaganda and force is no less free of abuse and seems to be fully committed to the production of only mal-ware.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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