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Version 2.6.27 of FOXP2 gene is available and it allows a faster learning curve. I am going to an upgrade on my neural array before I do the system wide install. An upgrade to the Myelin sheath requires a modification of FOXP2 to compensate for some race conditions in neural core. There is a logical deadlock condition which can be induced in the emergent structure. If you are doing this yourself, always make a backup and have a buddy plan. When I am doing it with Linux, I have eight computers and I upgrade them in sequence. I have one bleeding edge computer that uses new hardware and software. I found this to be the best approach. I keep different email and internet access methods for each.

I should be quite a bit smarter tomorrow or it could be a bad upgrade and I will have to revert. It may take a few days to run my test software on the new system and I have a series of problems with timing, solutions and methods that serve as a benchmark for a wide variety of common logic problems and logical flaws.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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