The constant lie

I was watching a commercial for the State sponsored lottery and it just sickens me. I am not a person who has religious reservations about gambling, I am just a person who can simulate random processes and I know what the outcome is. They were harking an obvious logical flaw of people to promote the idea of spending money to lose money. Also I see that there is a reverse logic commercial for the candidates. I studied propaganda and advertising in college and I know manipulation when I see it. It wouldn't be done unless it worked. It costs money to advertise and if they don't make money, they don't do it.

The fact that the general population is this easy to manipulate means that the concept of an elected government is a fraud.

I guess the issue is that they know they are doing it and some people know it. It doesn't matter because they can silence them by either throttling their internet or demonization. A person should never underestimate the power of hysteria. I would say that the response of America to terrorism is a good example. I saw a news article about a father who was reported for taking pictures of his children at the playground. The idea that because there is evil in the world does not mean that everything is poisoned. I wonder how many millions of times a person has been falsely accused because the ideas are placed in front of the mind and is therefore poorly represented in probability issues.

If I have commercials and movies about asteroid dangers for a week, people will say that this is a real immediate threat. That does not mean that it is not a threat, it simply means it is a relative danger like all things. More people ( men, women, and children ) die in traffic accidents than any other way every year.

I have had any number of incidents with people who are being deluded by some manipulation. Yelling fire in a crowded movie theater is illegal and breeches free speech it is said. So a politician can yell terror in a crowded country and cause panic and stupidity.

People are hysterical and that must mean that they are incapable of understanding their own behavior well enough to protect their minds from even the simplest obvious manipulation. That does not mean that I have to accept the people who would use this to lead them around like lap dogs. I do not respect a person who does not control their own mind, because if I do I become another victim of the process.

I have to conclude that many of the people in this world do not even operate their own minds, or in some cases bodies.

The specific method of manipulation and government is well established and the techniques are obvious. I have lived long enough to see the pattern of how it is done. I suppose that there is a psychological counterpart to the process. Dominance and passiveness certainly plays a part in it's development and application.

I find no single truth in any political argument. There is no need for me to point at any argument and say "that is ridiculous". If I ever see a political process that is not just mind hacking, I will make a comment about it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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