This is obvious science or speculation

Wow is all there is to it. Public schools will never teach this stuff. The mechanism of power. It is all right there and plain to see but to understand that it is being done is horrific.

I should go out and create some cyber havoc without being caught and then offer myself to the police as an expert on cyber terrorism. I could raise and lower the threat by increasing the damage and thereby gain on both ends. I could damage those who don't profit me and collect money on the other end to defend those that give me money. What a simple scam. Allow the serial killers to roam, I can get way more money to constantly increase my power than ever catching ( killer, drug lord, terrorist, madman, spammer, etc. ). It is a technique older than time itself I bet. Children's fairy tales. Are people so oblivious that they fail to see the obvious? I guess it is true. I lived my life not realizing that it was going on.

The thing that made me aware of this was an open technology project I was involved with many years ago. It was sheer manipulation and I know who was doing it now, but it was easy enough then to just say that some jerks were creating random havoc.

This is a very entertaining and enlightening study. I like Python for it's ease of testing but I prefer to test in Py and implement in "C'. That has nothing to do with my topic but it is instrumental in the thought.

Give me some money and I will protect you from the wolf and if you don't I will either release the wolves I breed or get on my wolf suit and kill in the night. Strange, it requires very little intelligence, and in fact it might be a hindrance to think too much about those you kill. Bizarre.

I was going to do some work for the FBI once and catch a certain person that they wanted. What was odd is their response. They didn't actually want to catch them, they wanted to use the situation to establish a new technology. I just always thought that was odd, but now I see that even though I was faced with the fact that they chose not to find the person they wanted was inherent in the design. I just couldn't believe the truth of it. There must be some inherent lack of moral engine in these people. This is starting to worry me. A lot of things are becoming much clearer.

Another thing I understand now. They know my character immediately. It is like a test that they use for club membership. I find it hard to believe that the same process that leads to mental structure could create such a dichotomy of overall neural structure. I think I see where this comes from now. Knowledge is power when applied.

I saw one of the big tests once and I think there is a scale to this brutality. It will be interesting, if I can characterize the strange attractor which results in this state.

The vampires can smell each other.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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