Long walking thoughts

I understand much more now. I always have trouble getting into the mind set of a person who makes his living slaving others and is mainly because it repulses me so much just to think about it. I now understand why there is war all over the world. It is the fault of United States, Russia and China. The concept of isolating countries and giving them 'freedom' is the very thing that enslaves them in their own madness. It is in the interest of larger and larger control systems to fragment the competition. ( Small independent nation states. ) It looks like freedom but is a method of keeping others small and easily controlled. If you incite tension on a biological level, then you can keep countries in constant chaos and reap the benefit of harvesting the chaos that results from the total collapse of order. The end of the Second World War never came. The expansion and manipulation of those who now held the power to destroy every nation on earth continued their own path to world domination by more subtle means. If you can keep nations separate and unable to combine by allowing and promoting genocide then it is far easier for the economic and political raiders to control. It is so obvious that it is funny. I set the Hatfields against the McCoys and reap the benefit. The more that racial segregation is fostered then the more control I have over the nations involved. I can further that interest inside the countries also.

Wow! That is some nasty political science. I can select a technique for power that kills billions! I say that from the perspective of the conqueror worm. I think that true political science is vastly overlooked by those who enjoy understanding the methods of any process. It is definitely disgusting and horrific. The people who adhere to and continue these practices are virtual monsters from my perspective. How can you knowingly select to kill millions to cover your house in gold. I understand how it works and I could just as easily out think them in this process. The one thing I do not have to deal with this method is the ability to kill and torture without remorse. They are not idiots, they are simply socially vacant. I also see that in a rather belated fashion they have grasped what is happening with the global internet. I am guessing that the absolute and complete crushing of the concept of internet is number one priority on the agenda of the vampires. It is as obvious to me as to them that direct open trade between people of differing social and genetic backgrounds will destroy all the genetic based wars that they have fostered. You might think this is some kind of conspiracy theory, but it is not at all. The tools of power are obvious and though I am just beginning to understand the detail, the broad strokes are there.

You might think that it is silly that the United States and Russia know that terrorists, gangs, and drug lords are allies. It is a fact. This is not speculation on my part anymore. The physics of the situation preclude any other possibility. I could find and destroy any number of little despots in the world. The technology exists to directly act against them. Why would a country sponsor race, religion, and gang wars? Obviously, if they kill each other, I get what is left. Simple shark baiting.

The sad part is that 'the other' is also the people of the countries themselves. I guess this is one of the first techniques that the vampires use. It sounds good, but it is bad. I am like you and I want to serve the interests of 'our' people.

That is so obvious when you look at all the examples that it is spooky. I need to spend a lot more time understanding this and finding a wooden stake.

If I stop posting, the vampires probably got me and you will have to figure it out for yourself.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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