Painting the roses red.

I like to solve problems and many of the things that take place in the world are mathematically complex and are said to have no resolution. I am not sure that is true. I study math and I know that it is just a system created with rules to describe a process and it can be mis-applied to the wrong process or it can be the wrong method. A good example for me is that the system of math has evolved to be coherent, when in fact it has no real physical basis to work against. I could describe a system of math that required 1 to be equal to 2 and it would still be a mathematical system. The fact that it is paradoxical shouldn't bother anybody. I look to the universe to predict what math should be. I know that mathematicians love those wonderful paradoxes like sqrt(-1) but I can create a paradox with much less effort than that.

The idea that math has some mystical property is strange and ridiculous. There are things in the nature of the universe that serve as a better mathematical basis than the methods that have been developed. It seems to me that the universe is xor neutral in it's basic structure. If I look at digital systems, I can create them ALL from the core elements of a NAND. This is different than mathematics, not all systems are describable or even non-paradoxical. The systems are neat and I like using them, but I realize that they are just like programs. They work for some data, they crash on the rest.

Why painting the roses red? It is an analogy and it has to do with the unspoken truth that stems from what should be obvious. It is in a way stegnographic. I just don't want the cheese eaters to be able to get out of the klein bottle. I think there is a real solution to the problem of the vampires and I am going to ask Buffy if she has observed this characteristic.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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