Thinking about 42

The internet and it's inhabitants are in some ways a computer simulation of the TSP algorithm and as a result they tend to be overloaded with information which is critical to their goals.

If I seek to understand what is 'going on' then I listen to each bit of information and respond with an analysis of the facts that are evident to produce a better approximation of the overall solution. In this way the people of the internet age become the computer from 'Hitch Hiker's Guide'. The process is not very reasonable considering it is an ad hoc development and the key method that should be learned is the ability to limit the solution to local minimums.

By becoming a part of a solution of the most important problems of life, the network and it's inhabitants become the most sophisticated computer in the universe as we know it. The general process of solving relationships which tend to virtual infinity would be a major step forward in how information is managed by individuals and it's effect on better solutions.

It reminds me that when I went to classes at college recently, they failed to even attempt a TSP solution and left the system of classes to chance. They essentially gave up since they did not have a chance of solving the complete problem. As a result everyone was subjected to randomness in their class schedule unless they solved TSP for their own schedules.

Real world problems tend to emulate the features of a network. The interaction of complex gene sets would be a perfect match for network computing in this way. I needn't even be bothered with the detail of it either as I can make a program that deals with response at my node and the results and analysis is what allows me to make choices about my own individual situation.

Virtual immortality cannot be achieved individually because it depends on the actions of others in the universe. I could be an effective functioning genetic organism and still subject to randomness.

By becoming a part of '42' ( the solution ) we may become a necessary element of life in the universe and guarantee ourselves survival by having an intrinsic value that cannot be applied without our existence.

The old saying 'Be part of the solution' may have a great deal more meaning if that solution is the ability to understand and control n-space travel between stars ( folding space ).

The connected composite altruistic mind may be the analogy of the 'Spacing Guild'.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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