Social Linux

The social value of the concept of Linux is possibly a solution which emerged from the ideas of it's potential and has started to show real promise to be the indispensable solution to the complexity of information, life, and future of life.

A network of people who function as an altruistic whole are becoming necessary for the continuation of life. In a world that is flooded with information and people seeking to distort that information for their own personal gain, it stands as a beacon to the possibilities of solving the most complex and daunting of social problems.

The system can function as a solution for problems created by individuals with bad motives and groups that function in that same way.

An example of security of communication. If I am reliant on an economically driven company for security, they have an interest in perpetuating the problem for economic gain. In that same way, all economic and political organizations seek to maximize control or profit. These motives are counter to the idea of having a simple common cost effective and pluralistic solution to everybody's interests.

I does not make sense as an individual to go to great lengths to destroy that which may be the solution for our own happiness and survival.

The longest running show in the universe, the troupe Linux performs a completely new show each nanosecond for the viewing audience.

The solution which produces the maximum computation, food, health, and medicine for least effort for all is not something which a person could find so horrific that they would conspire against it. Only those who seek to control process for individual gain could have such a motive. It becomes more clear to me every day that those who seek to act like Microsoft destroy their own future and cannot be thinking reasonably if the thing that leads to sustainable happy life for all ( including them ) is the thing they oppose.

You would have to be totally out of your gourd to go into the doctor's office with a serious illness, and after asking the doctor what medicine you need, knock him unconscious.

The best solution in the future must come from the combined efforts of individuals. It is the advantage of the greatest number striving to the same goal that can get us above the seeming chaos of the universe and it's many dangers. We may not all agree on which is the best direction but we can be sure that interfering with a process whose solution is shared and reasonably motivated is at it's minimum wasteful and at it's worst absurd. We do not need to chose a single leader that forces everyone to act by their standards which is one voice in a sea of more than six billion.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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