n-Space vectors

The independent analysis of n-Space vectors in information seems to imply the structure of a music and voice/language understanding that is method based and can be designed as a programmed generic neural object module for understanding of the type encountered in biology.

The answer is X.x.Y which is to remind myself that there is a situation of associative existence and non-associative.

Humanity seems to define an advanced society in a different way than it might be done universally. The complexity and number of new ideas that are being created at this time is fantastic compared to what has been done in the past, however it is almost nothing compared to what could be achieved with coherent action.

If we encounter a culture from another world, they might not know there is life on this planet. If the idea is defined in terms of what can be achieved, then they may consider the architecture of life here to be single celled ( person ) and thus would not even be recognized as being a real entity. I could say that a cell is complex and that it is interesting. If it is not part of a larger organism, I would miss it and dismiss it as a lower life form.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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