Telefon Manchurian Candidate

I can't seem to get away from this idea. It is definitely a scary creeper. Things like rhohipnol are scary but this is far worse. You would think that the universe wouldn't let things like this exist. It is like identity theft of the body. I don't think that anybody saw identity theft coming and becoming such a big deal, though I did see the potential there before it was realized. It isn't a new basic concept "Prince and Pauper".

The potential power that could develop from a self replicating mind control virus is essentially absolute. There are too many different pitfalls in technology for people to consider brute force as a tool of social interaction. I didn't and I did expect there to be some point in singularity 'advancement' that would define a transition point like solid to liquid. I guess this is it for me. There is no turning back as of this point. Once the fact that something can be done is definite and it is profitable at this scale, there is a strange repulsor and that is much worse than a strange attractor because it is absolutely unpredictable in it's outcome. I don't know whether I am using those terms properly.

An SSL flaw in the mind and there is no upgrade or replacement possible. If the mind is at risk, everything is at risk.


Anonymous said...

Self replicating mind control viruses already exist. A good example is Christianity, the worlds most powerful self replicating mind control system ever to evolve. The virus, self replicating information, travels by many vectors; speach, books, bahaviors, TV, Radio etc. If enough of the information enters a brain that does not put up a fight that brain will be reprogrammed to spread the virus to others. When those other brain are successfully infected they too will be programmed to pass the virus on to other brains and so on and so on. Some brains are more vulnerable to a full infection. Such as the brains of the down trodden, the desperate, the confused etc.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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