Dr Who and the Cybermen and the Daleks

I am always surprised when science fiction becomes reality and it is always quite a bit different than the scientific guesses that precede it. The basic rules apply, but the timing and order makes it difficult to see which technologies will simply fall by the wayside.

An older friend and I talked about the history as we have experienced it. The thing that is funniest is the two way wrist radio. When the cartoons of that were made I thought was impossible to make the tubes from radios and TVs small enough to be on somebody's wrist. ( pre-transistor and lcd ) Now I can stream data through my mobile phone to the internet or even have a two way conversation with anyone in the world.

Now that the science fiction about 'The Invasion of the Body Snatchers', 'Cyborgs', 'Borgs', 'Daleks', 'Gattaca' is coming true and the strange thing is that this one is a creeper. Gattaca is pretty much a done deal. If a couple have a deadly combination of SNP's ( and money ) then they will certainly choose embryo screening over 25% dead babies.

The last thing of the cyborgs and Daleks is a little creepier when you see it coming. It seems so harmless when you know that Dr Who will always save the day and humanity will dance into the sunset, and no main characters will be killed. It seems that in the movies the evil doers have a big building or ship that can be destroyed in a blaze of glory. In the real world, the monsters can actually be long dead and still killing. If I create a bot net and then it does well to maintain itself, it does not require my existence to continue doing what it is designed for. The stable hardware base of humans allows me to create a mind virus that is automatically replicated with the replication of the hardware. The problem with mind death is that there is no fall back position on repair. I saw that somebody was turned into a cyborg in Dr Who and they just said that they are already dead and I guess that is true, there is no going back for some, death is the only escape.

I really am depressed today because I devised a method to implement cyber death for humanity. The strange thing about it is that it is so easy. There would be no awareness that it was happening in the process of it's transition and unlike 'Body Snatchers' there would be no way to identify who was who unless you were the cyber lord. Much like bot nets that infiltrate and then are activated all at once. In this case it would be possible to get 100% coverage. I have scared myself again.

Some times the truth is not very chirpy.

It isn't a threat that exists in the year 23476, it is now and it could happen this very minute. It is bad news and reminds me of another English sci-fi about the nD's or n-dimensionals. Their final strategy was suicide.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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