Cat and the hat and the bag

The cat seems to be wandering about and apparently it has left the hat or the bag depending on what you read. It is ever so difficult to get that cat back in the bag when it has escaped. I guess that is the nature of entropy and chaos and arrow of time. Action applied from a point to infinity and not the other way round. Not very efficient to start at infinity and work back from everywhere. Seems a daunting task. s/good/good2/ s/bad/good/ s/good2/bad/ I think that triplet has something to do with the deadly embrace. "The Gift of the Magi" I think that if the people who made music and wrote stories and created art were honest then they would acknowledge that they have plagiarized or at least repeat that which is inherent in nature and material.

I devised a rather silly experiment that made me laugh because it would make RIAA barf. They are just the tool to pry open the door of centralized control of information.

I don't like the rings that I keep as they make me sick. I guess it is only humor that keeps me from staring at the sun too long.

Mini sci-fi :: thought.action.poop, sorry I was doing a 'C++' joke that failed.
SciFi :: Mini ->Adventure... Commander we have to drop an atomic bomb to make sure that he cannot get to the ring before we act. Is he wearing the ring now? We would have to look and then he could use it on us. Is he using it on us now? IDK How do we know that we are not being used to bomb some enemy of his or even ourselves?

I wonder with all the science fiction shows that have been made about mind control that people would not be careful that it isn't being used on them? I suppose it is because the people controlling their minds told them not to worry about it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen