Slavery revisited

I am upset at the amount of specific control by government policy and it is driven by motives which cannot be in the general interest of people. It serves the few who choose to create a structure to limit the rights of others. One of the things on which the United States is founded is individual creativity. As a result I have created dozens of new devices that can be used for the simple purpose of reducing the amount of control that can be exerted over an individual in any circumstance. There are logical physical impossibilities that can be applied to the methods that are used to maintain what has become something beyond order and rationality. If a computer programmer has a five million dollar bond and is held in jail, while somebody who does more damage by manipulating the housing market is rewarded, then it is an obvious system to support a class separation in violation of my human rights. ( equal protection under the law )

I will try to post them after I make sure that they cannot be used to increase control. It would seem that there is a time process to implementation and cost issues involved in dealing with new technology which acts in such a way that it is not possible to spend enough money to control a population which does not want to be controlled. The ultimate goal of our government and others in the world is to chip it's people and in that way have absolute control. I honestly think this is where it leads. It is an issue of us and them. They see the people they control as the greatest risk to their position.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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