dead beat politicians

They sow not but they do reap. It is a program I have established which is welfare to work for corporations and government. They have 30 days to find a job which produces product and then the money stops. It is a sad state of affairs when somebody develops a generational system of welfare in government. The amount of money and the life style they live while people die for their stupidity is vast. Have you ever seen the Supreme Court parking lot at the airport? I imagine few people have. I was involved in a program which monitored and identified the whereabouts of ever person in Washington D.C. and it was established in 1985. I was told never to speak of it when I noticed that they were monitoring and recording everybody and keeping a data base of body movement and facial expressions. That is 23 years ago! You think that this information state is new and it is not. It predates the lives of many of the citizens.

If I pay a group of people a trillion dollars a year and they can't even tell if a foreign nation has a particular weapon when I can get that information from commercial satellites or by the unpublished technology which I use, then they are simply dodos collecting money and finding new ways to collect money. This very fact that they are incompetent in even doing the one job that is the reason for combined arms is sufficient grounds for termination.Failure to have drug and capability tests of lawyers and politicians is another. They obviously do not have the military skill to operate a defense system and keep technology current. They are more worried about controlling external threats, just using others to feed themselves and live in luxury. I am serious about this, how is it possible that a system as inept and wasteful as the one that now exists could wage any effective war?

If you wish to rule with an iron hand, don't fashion it out of tin.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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