Psychology today

I am beginning to understand a model of human psychology in general based upon the characteristics which are exhibited. The concept of mirror neuronal activity is absolutely pivotal to the process and though people consider themselves logical that is simply a self delusion. A system which is independent of external scientific verification of principle will seek the most chemically associated mode. I don't say that it is wrong, I simply see that it is incomplete, subject to manipulation, and erratic.

I think that I can make a simple model that 'acts' like a person. As a result, it would have some common modes, but would not act coherently. I think that the understanding of the process and it's use for personal gain is a very large negative.

Some of the ideas about information and it's effect are too simplistic and there is no simple single method which can be applied that balances the abuse of information against the need for information.

I have been studying effective genocides in the 20th century and current genocides in slow motion. That probably influences my opinion of people in general ( and self ) to some degree and so I will probably study the history of music next.

The model of behavior and the genotype to phenotype process that produces it is becoming more clear to me now. I wonder why it is common to try and understand psychology of the brain like it was a circuit? I designed with analog before I designed with digital and there is a vast difference there. I would say that the further difference beyond analog to neural system is even more strange. It models better as a storm. I bet somebody has done the math work I need, the just don't know it applies here.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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